Mahogany Kincaid
PsyD Student

Lab Member

Name: Mahogany N. Kincaid

Undergraduate Institution(s) / degree: University of Cincinnati/ Bachelors of Arts in Psychology

Any graduate Institution(s) / degree: University of Cincinnati, Masters of Social Work

Degree Program (year entered the program): PsyD 2022

Research Interests: I am interested in implicit bias in health care providers and diagnosing and treating eating disorders (ED) for  Black/African American women and adolescents. I am also interested in treatment gaps and cultural considerations in the treatment and diagnoses of ED within the Black/African American community. 

Doctoral Project Title: The Impact of Implicit Bias of Primary Care Providers on Diagnosing and Treatment Recommendations for Black/African American Women and Adolescents. 

Clinical Interests: Health Psychology, working with adolescents and women's health; specifically eating disorders

Clinical Training Placements (in chronological order with earliest first): 

Sierra High School 

Fontana Unified School Districts (assessments)

Publications / Presentations (full APA format reference): 

Peteet, B., Martin, E., Espinoza, A., Bisson, S., & Kincaid, M. (2023, April). Medical Mistrust and Vaccine Behaviors among Racial and Ethnic Minorities. Poster presentation at Western Psychological Association annual conference. 

Extracurricular Activities: Reading, traveling, exploring coffee shops, gardening, live music, concerts, nature walks, cooking, exploring new places to eat, and spending time with family & friends