Pooja Raghani, PsyD

Doc Project: 

Insufficient Sleep and Onset of Coronary Artery Disease: An Integrated Model of Mediators and Moderators. Defended October 2, 2019.

Pooja has an interdisciplinary background in biochemistry, biomedical informatics, and clinical psychology. She is passionate about scaling the dissemination of digital, evidence-based clinical interventions to improve population health outcomes. She loves experimenting with new plant-based recipes, going on long hikes, and hand-making crafts.


  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, APA Minority Fellowship Program, 
  • Psychology Department Scholarship
  • Primary Care Psychology Training Scholarship
  • Idea Generation Tournament Finalist, Stanford Mental Health Innovation Hub


Raghani P, Sonne J, and Van Dyk T. Insufficient sleep and onset of coronary artery disease: race/ethnicity as a mediator. Minority Fellowship Program Achievement Awards, American Psychological Association Virtual Convention. Washington, DC

Nance C, Jones A, Raghani P, Hoyt C, Codorniz K, Flynn P, and Betancourt H. Ethnic and socioeconomic differences in cultural beliefs about diabetes. Western Psychological Association Convention. Portland, OR.

Raghani P, Patel V, and Kaufman D. The mediation of technology in diabetes self- management. Minority Fellowship Program Achievement Awards, American Psychological Association Convention. Washington, DC.

Raghani P, Hekler E, and Singh V. Liberating science: Accelerating the innovation of health technology. AZ BioAwards. Phoenix, AZ.

Zhu X., Ng H., Lai Y., Craigo J., Nagilla P., Raghani P., and Nagarajan S. (2014). Scavenger receptor function of mouse Fcγ receptor III contributes to progression of atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E hyperlipidemic mice. The Journal of Immunology, 193(5):2483-2495

Internship Placement:

  • University of California San Diego/VA; Primary Care and Behavioral Medicine track

Current Job: 

  • Director of Industry Affairs, Digital Therapeutics Alliance